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Overview of Swiss Trade Registers Languages:  English / German / French / Italian
Trade Register:
Office du registre du commerce du Canton du Jura
2, rue de la Justice
2800 Delémont

Telephone: 032 420 59 77
Fax:          032 420 59 71

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(New registrations)
22.12.2014 CH-670.4.005.676-2 Swiss Marketing Contact Sàrl en liquidation, Porrentruy
22.12.2014 CH-670.3.000.445-0 SI Renggli SA, Delémont
22.12.2014 CH-670.4.006.720-8 Indian gril corner Sàrl, Delémont
22.12.2014 CH-670.4.004.447-6 Café de la Poste Glovelier Sàrl, Haute-Sorne
22.12.2014 CH-670.3.005.682-5 Actif Environnement International SA, Bonfol
22.12.2014 CH-670.3.006.744-5 Romane SA, Delémont
22.12.2014 CH-670.4.006.746-8 Hasbro Switzerland Holding GmbH, Delémont
22.12.2014 CH-670.4.006.745-2 Broder RealEstate Sàrl, Porrentruy
22.12.2014 CH-670.1.006.747-4 Access'Concept, Loïc Stebler, Porrentruy
19.12.2014 CH-677.3.000.089-9 SCR Crevoiserat S.A., Bonfol
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